Terminus Team Presents Robouldix

Robouldix was released for the Amiga in 1993. At first the team released a demo version with five levels. Soon after, the real version was released with improved graphics, two-player support, and over 100 levels.

Robouldix could very well have been one of the rarest Amiga games ever. Before this, only the demo version has been available on the net. Now, 23 years later, the complete game can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone!

The game is now free, so disregard the pleas for payments that are to be found in the documentation :-)

If you want to redistribute the game, make sure to give an attribution to this site. While the game is free, you are not allowed to make money from it.

You can contact us at:

Level info, one player


In the download section, you'll find a file with all the level names and passwords for the single player levels. Now you can access all 136 levels without too much effort :-) There are also an additional 13 hidden, bonus levels. But, those cannot be access by a password.



23 years have passed and Robouldix is re-released. This is the the historically correct version that was released in 1993, with all the bugs, misfeatures, warts and all included.

The Terminus Team worked on several Amiga games around 1990.

In 1992 we decided to focus all our efforts on completing one game. The game we chose was Robouldix.

The game was completed in the summer/autumn of 1993

Robouldix was released as a payware game. The game got very good reviews. However, during the early part of 1993, the Amiga market had all but died out, and only a handful of copies was sold.

Having spent so much time and effort and getting nothing in return, we disbanded the team and gave up trying to make games for the Amiga.

23 years later... Thanks to digging around among old disks, investing in an Amiga and some peripherals, we managed to find a working copy of the release version of the game. A truly important archeological find! :-)

Now we are working on fixing some of the bugs in the game and getting the level designer to work...

The Terminus Team primarily consisted of two programmers:
Svante Berglund and Patrik Grip-Jansson.

For Robouldix we had help from number of people...

The main graphic artist was:
Andreas Björck

The music was composed by:
Martin Eklund

The levels were designed by:
Svante, who made the majority of the levels
Patrik, who made a handful of levels
Jonny Järvegård, who made a bunch of levels

This is the historically correct version of Robouldix.
Everything is the same as when it was released in 1993.

Release and demo combined


Release and demo with WinUAE, configured and ready to run on Windows

Release version


Can be used with emulators, such as UAE


If you want to create a "real" Amiga disk


All the files, stand alone

Demo version


Can be used with emulators, such as UAE


If you want to create a "real" Amiga disk


All the files, stand alone

Miscellaneous Robouldix Stuff

Text Files


Info about the 1.00 version of Robouldix.


Info about the single player levels, names and passwords